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Upgrade your older 3Key models to the Genesis Mini, complete with a touchscreen, Wi-Fi capability, and an easy-to-use interface. Order directly or through your favorite kiln manufacturer, technician or distributor.

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*The Mini is a direct replacement for both the Autofire Express and Sentry Xpress. For other 3Key models, control box adjustments are needed.


Kiln FAQs

Rtc 1000
How can the current temperature of the other zones (zones 1 & 3) be displayed when using the RTC1000 in 3-zone mode?

Press the 1 key to cycle through the temperatures of each zone consecutively. The display will flash the thermocouple number and the zone temperature.

What is the difference between the RTC 1000 controller and the V6CF controller?

Some customers like to use the RTC 1000 controller because of some features it contains which are helpful for glass art, such as an “Edit-on-the-Fly” function and the ability to add time in 5-minute increments. There are also differences in the actual physical dimensions of the 2 controllers, which might be a factor if the situation involves replacing a unit in an already-constructed metal box. The V6CF controller has 4 options for speeds in a conefire program (slow bisque. fast bisque, flow glaze, and fast glaze), whereas an RTC1000 controller has 3 options for speeds in a conefire program (fast, medium and slow).

Why won't the controller start after I press the "START/STOP" key?

If you have a 700 series controller, it may be set to a two-key start. If it is set this way, you must first press START/STOP, then press Enter. The kiln will not start unless these two keys are pressed in the correct order. This is a safety option, which can be set in the Hidden menu. Please see the technical manual on information on how to change this option.

How do I clear the 'ErrP' from the display?

Press the 1 key. After several seconds the current temperature will be displayed. Several other numbers or 'STOP' may be displayed before the current temperature.

Does Bartlett Instrument manufacture standalone control boxes?

No. We don't currently sell standalone control boxes. To see a list of standalone control box distributors as well as a sample wiring diagram, click here.

What does a rate of "9999" mean?

When 9999 is used as a rate, that indicates a maximum ramp rate (either up or down) is being used.

How do I tell which type of thermocouple I am using with my controller?

There are some standard wire colors used with different types of thermocouples:
Type K thermocouples - red and yellow
Type S thermocouples - red and black
Type J thermocouples - red and white

I can't find my manual for my controller. Can I get a new one from Bartlett Instrument Company?

One option is to download a printable manual from this page on our web site. Another option is to call us and order one to be sent to you. There is a nominal charge for this, however.

During programming of a firing, I typed the wrong number. How do I correct this?

Before pressing ENTER, enter zero until all zeros are displayed, then enter the correct number. If you have already pressed ENTER, you must press ENTER to progress through to the end of the program then start the program again.

I turned on the controller and 'FAIL' is displayed. What does this mean?

The thermocouple is not connected to the controller or has failed. When connecting the thermocouple, connect the red wire to the connector with a RED dot and connect the yellow wire to the connector with the YELLOW dot. On all thermocouples, the RED wire is always negative; the YELLOW wire in this case is the positive. Also there may be a break in one of the thermocouple lead wires, if so, the thermocouple must be replaced.

How can I find out the final temperature which was reached during a cone firing?

At the end of a cone firing, the current kiln temperature and 'CPLt' will be alternately flashing in the display. Press STOP. Then press Review Program, the final temperature will display. This final temperature will be retained until the next firing or until the controller is reprogrammed.

When starting a firing on the Genesis, what if I enter my start code but don't see the GO button to start the kiln?

If GO does not appear after you have entered the start code, you have typed in the incorrect start code. You can try re-entering the start code or you can change the controllers start code under MENU - CONFIGURATION - START CODE.

My kiln has a different manufacturer's controller on it and I'd like to replace it with a Bartlett. Is it compatible or do I need a special wiring harness?

It's possible that we will be able to build the controller with the appropriate connectors on it so no special wiring harness would be needed. Check with us to find out what we have available.

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