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GHK 12x2
Why won't the vent cycle work when I manually try to start it?

If the controller is in a cooling mode (i.e. the setpoint is below the current temperature and the cooling appliances are operating), the vent cycle will start and then shut off again.

Why won't the fans run when the controller goes to NITE mode and the temperature is above the set point temperature??

The controller could be in NITE Lock-out mode. To check the NITE Lock-out setting, press menu until ntLo is displayed. Press ENTER to see if NITE Lock-out is set to on or off. Press any number key to toggle the setting. Press ENTER to save it.

I'm adding natural ventilation to a house with a Bartlett GHK12X2 in it. Can I upgrade the controller to an RWL11X2 without completely replacing it?

Yes. Call us for assistance in changing out the current controller lid for that of an RWL11X2 lid for a small fee.

GHK 12x2 C
I can't find my manual for my greenhouse controller. Can I get a new one from Bartlett Instrument Company?

One option is to download a printable manual from this page, on our web site. Another option is to call us and order one to be sent to you. There is a nominal charge for this, however.

How do I use CIS to text me when I have a low or high temperature alarm in the greenhouse?

Setting up text alerts with CIS is easy. Click Options in the top left corner and in the drop down, click on Preferences. Click on the Messaging tab under preferences. At the bottom, enter the sender information, which can be any email address you'd like to use. The sender email can also be the receiving email for the alerts. Once you've entered that information, enter your phone number under Text Recipient, select your phone carrier from the drop down, and press the Add button. Press the Send Test Message button in the bottom left corner and you should get a test message sent to the phone number you have entered. If you receive an error, you've either entered the Sender or Text Recipient information incorrectly, or your computer is not connected to the Internet and it is unable to send.

Can a Wind/Rain alarm be connected to a VSmart controller?

No. The Wind/Rain Alarm is not compatible with the VSmart controller

How do I connect my 'Boss controller (TimeBoss, ClimateBoss or WeatherBoss) to Headgrower?

You can follow along with this video or use this manual

What is the Headgrower platform? What features does it offer?

You can read more about Headgrower here

Can I use the Headgrower platform if I don't have WiFi to all of my houses?

Yes. We can designate one or more controllers as Hubs OR you can use a standalone Headgrower Hub. Then, the controllers will transmit data to/from the designated Hub(s) via radio.

Can I import settings from one house to another?

Yes - this video shows you how you can export settings from one house and then import those settings to a different house. Watch this for some updates in the future!

What is the floating low alarm?

The floating low alarm will sound at an offset of your current stage heat activation temperature. This provides you with an additional alarm for low temperatures as a warning that your heat isn’t activating or keeping up with your program. This alarm is an additional alarm on top of the fixed, low temperature alarm and is only available via Headgrower. Here’s an example of how to use the floating low alarm:

  • If your set point is at 65º F
  • Your Heat 1 offset is 5º (e.g. an activation temperature of 60º F)
  • Your floating alarm can be set to an offset of 5º. If your temperature gets to 55º, you would receive the Heat 1 Floating Low alarm.

Can I update the clock for all of my site?

Yes - on the Manage Site page, we provide a way for you to update many of the general settings across all controllers on your site. You pick the setting, provide the new value and select which controllers you would like to update.

Can you give me an overview of how to program?

Yes! This video does an overview of the programming screen on Headgrower. You’ll notice a lot of similarities to the ClimateBoss screen; this is on purpose so you can go from the controller to the Headgrower platform seamlessly.

Weather Boss
How do I connect my 'Boss controller (TimeBoss, ClimateBoss or WeatherBoss) to Headgrower?

You can follow along with this video or use this manual

Climate Boss
Does the ClimateBoss integrate with a light sensor?

Yes! Customers can add on a light sensor to the ClimateBoss or EasyWire (with a ClimateBoss) in order to advance their growing. Headgrower users can also track and save this data for monitoring and analytics. More information can be found on this YouTube video.

Do you have help / how to videos online for the ClimateBoss?

Yes! The louver/fan - GHK - videos are here. The natural vent - RWL videos can be found here

How do I connect my 'Boss (ClimateBoss, TimeBoss or WeatherBoss) controller to Headgrower?

You can follow along with this video or use this manual

Who are your resellers for a ClimateBoss?

You can find a list of our greenhouse distributors here

Can you control a shade or energy curtain with the ClimateBoss?

Yes! You can control your shade or energy curtain with the Timer 1 output - in Shade mode. See more on this YouTube video

Time Boss
Do you have help or how to videos for the TimeBoss?

Yes! We have a YouTube playlist with help videos, timer overview and more!

How do I connect my 'Boss controller (TimeBoss, ClimateBoss or WeatherBoss) to Headgrower?

You can follow along with this video or use this manual

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