At this time, Bartlett Instrument Company does not sell standalone kilns. However, this is a list of distributors that sell standalone kilns with Bartlett Instrument controllers. Click here to download a sample wiring diagram for a standalone system.

Standalone Kiln Retailers
Company Phone Number Website
Aim Kiln Mfg 800-246-5456
Clay Art Center 800-952-8030
Clay King 864-579-1752
Cress Manufacturing 800-423-4584
Euclid Kilns 800-296-5456
Evenheat Kiln, Inc. 989-856-2281
Olympic Kilns 800-241-4400
Rob's Kiln Service 727-798-1053
Seattle Pottery Supply 800-522-1975
Shimpo 800-237-7079
Skutt Ceramic Products, Inc. 503-774-6000
The Pottery Supply House 800-465-8544
Tucker's Pottery Supplies, Inc. 800-304-6185