Small, but Mighty

Upgrade your older 3Key models to the Genesis Mini, complete with a touchscreen, Wi-Fi capability, and an easy-to-use interface. Order directly or through your favorite kiln manufacturer, technician or distributor.

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*The Mini is a direct replacement for both the Autofire Express and Sentry Xpress. For other 3Key models, control box adjustments are needed.


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KilnAid Phone App

KilnAid Phone App

Monitor your Bartlett Genesis controller with the Kiln Aid Phone app. Simply download the Kiln Aid phone app from your Google Play Store or Apple App Store, add your kiln, and begin monitoring as your kiln progresses through a firing.

To create an account, click Login, then Sign Up to begin!

Want to get alerts and other advanced features remotely? You can get notifications, advanced monitoring and more for $1.99/month or $19.99/year.

Remote monitoring of your Bartlett Genesis controller
Claim and view each of your kilns in one convenient place
List view shows limited status for all kilns
Status page gives details of selected kilns current program
An alarm at the controller will give an alarm at the app
Download in the Apple Store
Download in the Google Play Store
App available for Android or Apple IOS.
Controller must be connected to WiFi for App to communicate.
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