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Swap the Top

Swap the Top

$415.00 - $450.00

Did you know you can upgrade either your RWL, GHK or Wind/Rain controller to a ClimateBoss or WeatherBoss? With the swaps the user interface gets a major revamp - making it much easier to program. They all are now WiFi enabled which allows you to connect it to our Headgrower platform and get upgrades. You also get graphing at the controller with both models.

Additionally, in the ClimateBoss you get:

  • an additional proportional output
  • major timer output updates with 2 timers, each with 2 stages
  • the ability to control shade curtains
  • light sensor integration

Additionally, in the WeatherBoss you get:

  • 2 wind alarms
  • Faster alarm broadcasts via radio
  • Optional light sensor integration
  • Optional direction sensing and alarm based on direction

$415.00 for a ClimateBoss swap
$450.00 for a WeatherBoss (Wind/Rain) swap

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