Repair of Greenhouse Controllers

Bartlett Instrument may be able to repair your malfunctioning controller.

The following are guidelines for returning your controller:

  1. Call or e-mail Steve Isaacson at Bartlett Instrument for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Number.
  2. Turn off power to the greenhouse controller before removing.
  3. Remove unit from box.
    • Unscrew the plastic screws at the corners of the box.
    • If you are sending just the top faceplate, disconnect the ribbon cable that goes from it to the relay board in the bottom of the controller.
    • If you are sending just the bottom relay board in the controller:
      • Disconnect the ribbon cable going to the top faceplate.
      • Label and make a diagram of the wire connections to the relay board & then remove them.
      • Remove 1/4" sheet metal screws holding the board into place and the relay board should come out freely after that.
    • If sending both, perform both the above steps.
  4. Print this form to include in the package you will be sending to us.
    • Complete all the fields marked with an asterisk.
    • If you are not sure how to complete a field, please call us at 319-372-8366.
  5. Pack the controller for shipping and make sure the completed Bartlett Instrument RMA Form is included.
    • The controller, especially when removed from its enclosure, has parts which are susceptible to damage due to static charges, therefore the controller should not be wrapped in plastic or Styrofoam. We also advise you NOT to use packing peanuts, as they are generally statically-charged. Newspaper works well for packing if you don't have anti-static packaging.
  6. The standard repair charge is $150.00 plus shipping. We accept either VISA or MasterCard. If you have an open account with Bartlett Instrument, you may also charge repairs to those accounts.

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