At Sakata Seed America in Mount Vernon WA, our focus is making seed on a wide variety of vegetables in our greenhouses. It is all at the breeder or stock seed levels of Beet, Chard, Spinach, broccoli, and cabbage, so thousands of single plants or very small lots. All of this can be very picky most of the time with temperature in our 20 different houses, so close monitoring, sometimes hourly, is essential.

When we bought our first GHK 12X2 several years ago, I was impressed by the versatility and how easy they are to program. I install them myself which is only possible because of the way the people at Bartlett put together the units and supply a very user-friendly wiring diagram.

We now have them in all our houses, and the addition of the Headgrower app a year ago has been awesome. If our weather changes on a Sunday afternoon I can open the app and adjust from home.

Something unique I have done is install them in our two different cold storage buildings, one for seed and one for plants. I only need a simple thermostat for cooling, but the Bartlett is so reasonably priced I installed a unit in each room with one relay and have it connected to the Head grower system for constant monitoring without added cost for a separate alarm system.

We are planning on expanding our green house operation in the next few years, I am looking forward to working with the people at Bartlett expanding our system.


Dan Martin
PNW Research farm manager
Sakata Seed America