My pottery is large enough that I currently am firing 12 electric kilns and a large gas one. The electrics all have Bartlett controllers, and they are supervised by a KISS program.

My work in the electrics is crystalline glazes. Crystalline glazes are fussy, and must be fired very accurately. Bartlett controllers are able to do that.

I supervise every firing with a Bartlett KISS program so that I can see just what is happening in each kiln as they are firing. Without the KISS program telling my what is going on in the kilns, I would never know how to keep my accuracy up. Having a graph is very useful.

Kilns that are fired to cone 10/11 are apt to fail from time to time. Electric kilns are just not set up to fire that high. By being able to supervise the kilns closely I can replace failing elements before they fail, and spoil a load of pots. Over the years that I have had the KISS program, I have saved a lot of kiln failures from happening.

Bartlett has always been there to help if I have a question. They are always just a phone call away.

I have never had to replace one of their controllers. Most of my kilns are fired 3 times a week. I would hate to guess how many times that they have been used in the past 20 years.

I could never have been able to run this pottery without these controllers.